In this paper, we proudly present our Planet IX, a virtual world gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.
This is an introduction to Planet IX, a crypto and NFT-based strategy game. I.e: a world gaming ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The ecosystem will consist of two base components: Land Hexagons (PIX) and the Marketplace.
The goal is for users to participate in the restoration of planet Earth. To accomplish this they need to strategically trade PIX, in order to create larger realms of land called territories and construct various restoration facilities. The goal is for users to help restore planet Earth by strategically trading PIX to create larger realms of land called territories, and also construct various restoration facilities.
The Marketplace was launched on the 25th of November, 2021, unveiling several new interaction features and gaming functionality. As any new GameFi product, more game mechanics and features will be added as we progress through our development roadmap. We will dive into more features and mechanics further down in this paper.
The core foundation of the Planet IX experience is based on cutting edge game design and emergent storytelling. The multifaceted and dynamic storyline serves as potent fuel for the imagination of players who’ll work with and against one another to achieve the great but simple goal: restore the planet. To do that they need to collect, strategize, form powerful alliances and accumulate valuable knowledge.
The idea for Planet IX was born in 2020. The goal was to introduce an entirely new kind of virtual world gaming experience, but also to highlight our planet's real environmental problems. The players of Planet IX will see a lot of the generated proceeds from the sale of PIX land go directly back into real life projects and NGOs whose aim is to make the world a better place. Planet IX gives its players the opportunity and incentive to earn real rewards; in-game and in the form of real life sustainability progress. Time and funds invested in Planet IX are never a waste.
We, the team behind Planet IX, strongly believe that blockchain technology will play an integral role in achieving our four core objectives;
Creating a fair strategy game experience Provide transparency Gamifying DEFI functions for non-avid “Web 3” users Promote sustainability
This Whitepaper describes in the elements that make Planet IX an innovative and engaging gaming experience that aim to create real change, both in the crypto society and the world at large. Blockchain technology provides us with the tools and incentives to democratize the gaming experience so that we can reach and appeal to a wider audience.
The carefully planned platform layers are designed to support our journey and to prepare a bright and groundbreaking future for Planet IX. The closed beta has granted a critical experience for the team, laying the foundation for moving all our assets on-chain.
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