Environmental Stewardship
Planet IX stands out from the competition with its innovative use of blockchain technology for both community initiatives and charitable giving connected to our sustainability work. Using blockchain technology we want to incentivize our players to be “Agents of Change'' (AoC) bridging the real and digital world. Whilst embarking on this grander vision, at the same time we want to entertain, educate, elevate and empower our players to catalyze positive changes for our planet. Since we launched the Planet IX Beta, we have onboarded several impact-driven NGOs focusing on environmental improvement and sustainability. These partners will play a major role in the games and challenges the players will meet and complete in-game. Players who support the initiatives by participating in dedicated Drops, or extra gameplay mechanics such as quizzes, daily quests, challenges etc, will be granted with special rewards. Partly as a thank you from Planet IX but also as an incentive to keep the sustainability and impact mission of Planet IX continuously moving forward.
As our Play2Earn-mechanisms evolve and grow over time, our sustainability angle of the game will also evolve. Planet IX will introduce new partners and new projects with a broad range of focuses: from planting tree foundations, water-saving devices and innovations, to startups focused on giving people with low income access to technology – and many more. While we are particularly passionate about environmental degradation, we recognize the complexity of the problem that we can not achieve a healthy and harmonious environment without tackling poverty, inequality and lack of education as well. Planet IX’s sustainability theme and focus will change with each season. The themes will be reflected in dedicated NFT collections made in collaboration with world-renowned artists. From these specific collections,100% of the funds raised from direct sales of assets will be donated to relevant charities and foundations. The ultimate vision of this effort is to dissolve the existing silos into an ecosystem of sustainable and impact driven initiatives around the world. We will achieve this by creating a Planet IX Impact wiki showcasing nodes of sustainability ventures around the world that our players can engage with or donate to via said proprietary Play2Earn mechanics.
Planet IX’s mission is to make real change and improvements to the planet we live on. As a player, or an “Agent of Change”, as the players of Planet IX are called, you’ll be a crucial part in making this positive change a reality. Together we can achieve great things.
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