Game Story
The following section offers a short taste of the thematic flavour our story provides.


Earth is a barren wasteland. It is dead. Lifeless. Ash covered. Humans and animals were faced with an unknown cataclysmic fate. Some, however, managed to escape…
In space, a cryo-vessel has been cruising through galaxies and nebulas in search of a new dawn. The vessel is controlled by a digital force known as (3x3)Eye, with A.I systems in charge of seeking for planets holding traits worthy of new life. Through a broken radio transmission, a rogue A.I called AME discovers a dark planet.
Inspired by the transmissions they hear, they name it Planet IX.
AME’s recon satellites, BlacKnight, deem it as habitable, yet broken. DEVS map the grid and AME deploy the Agents of Change.
Now it is up to them, the brave bioneers, to mend the planet. Rejuvenate the earth. Clean the air. And let new life take its course.


The mission for the Agents of Change is to clean, rejuvenate and rebuild this desolate planet to prepare the environment for the expansion of the AOC mission.
At first glance the state of the earth appears to be a result of human-induced environmental damage such as pollution, global warming and eco-terrorism. The players start their journey in Planet IX faced with a world pushed beyond ecological disaster moving into the realms of science fiction. The details of why it happened, who’s responsible and what lies ahead, will be revealed as the game and the players progress.
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