Introduction & Vision
This is just the dawn of digital property rights and non-fungible tokens. NFTs emerged as early as 2016, with projects like Age of Chains and Rare Pepes using Bitcoin to create blockchain trading cards. These early experiments morphed into larger projects during the halcyon days of 2017 and 2018. In particular, the launch of the great CryptoKitties seemed to capture lightning in a bottle with its potent mix of cat memes and an enthused community. Now the internet was ready and eager for whatever was next. NFTs went from simple ownables to bonafide collectibles overnight. The rise and frenzy of collectors, memelords and internet aficionados proved that NFTs were here to stay.
NFTs have since evolved far beyond these early experiments. Millions of dollars are being commissioned to artists through platforms like SupeRare and OpenSea. More recently we’ve been seeing the emergence of next-generation NFTs and platforms, expanding into digital art and land purchasing. We're beginning to see NFTs intersect with trends in DeFi (like Aavegotchi, MEME, and WHALE), and also serve as the bedrock for next-generation gaming platforms and the emerging metaverse. Decentraland and Cryptovoxels are great examples that serve flashing glimmers of worlds earlier only visualized in science fiction films like Ready Player One.
Today, we’re at a turning point in the application of NFTs. One where we can carve out robust property rights in the digital realm in a way that mirrors the real world. Trillions of dollars of intellectual property and data rights, along with billions of dollars of art and other entertainment value could one day be managed by a blockchain.
Planet IX is at the forefront of a revolution in the virtual land strategy development space. It provides tools to decentralize and empower the gaming community, while also helping individuals use their passion and skill to play, build businesses and create a more sustainable future.
Planet IX enables players to obtain NFTs based on the Polygon blockchain (which in turn is built on Ethereum). These NFTs will form the basis of an array of financial products and services creatively utilizing smart contracts. These services will support underserved areas of the market to leverage more potential growth. Gaming and virtual land are set to be disrupted by blockchain technology, leading to a major transfer of value into decentralized environments. The Planet IX platform is positioned to capitalize on this shift, and will cater to the community’s needs from the ground up. By educating players and gradually unlocking features, the players will be fit and ready to reap the benefits of this evolving technology. Knowledge is power.
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