”Each one, teach one” An unleashed opportunity when providing a creator-rewarded economy is the idea to earn while you learn. We believe that educating the masses will lower the threshold to enter the disruptive, and ever-changing world of crypto and DeFi. This is also in direct alignment with one of Planet IX’ core objectives, to bridge the gap between awareness and mass adoption. Quizzes to unlock free assets, tutorials and a unique DeFi Academy are some of the features being rolled out in 2022.
Additionally, we will construct a referral programme that ties in to our L2E concept. In short, it will enable existing users to invite their peers, and once the peers have concluded a series of tutorials and knowledge checks their inviter will be rewarded, as well as themselves. We believe that this onboarding process will accelerate the engagement of the game and also general knowledge about crypto, GameFi and sustainability.
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