Player Objectives
Our players are called Agents of Change. Their mission is to salvage and restore Earth to what it once was, before humankind made its destructive mark. AoC’s main mission is to simulate, calculate, rejuvenate and collect. We save what can be saved, and restore what can be restored. By collecting and gathering everything from historical landmarks, territories, science, plants, minerals, natural elements to memories, history and experiences; we have the potential to not only restore the planet, but actually create an even better version of Earth.
Players' PIX assets can be further developed which increases their productive value or generates token rewards. The more developed the Territories become, the more reward opportunities will emerge, hence creating a powerful incentive to acquire many adjacent assets.
Trading on the Planet IX requires due diligence for the best possible deal, just like with real-world deal making. By observing the trading tactics of early territory developers, players can gather what pricing strategies might or should be applied. For comparison; when you buy a house, one usually compares property prices in similar areas, of similar size and age, to gain more market information. The same goes for Planet IX, so be sure to check out the leading users' sales history to better understand how trading patterns lead to territory development.
“Remember the past to plan for the future.”
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