What is Planet IX?
Planet IX is an online crypto game based on NFTs. The multiplayer strategy game takes place on the titular planet. Planet IX also acts as a metaverse; by connecting real-world geolocations to user generated virtual environments, it works as a bridge between the digital and the physical world. These environments can be claimed, bought, sold, and will eventually also be customizable. This will give the players the power to increase the value of their collection later on in the game.
These digital pieces of land are called PIX. The native gameview is Earth: geographically-linked with a digital grid layer spanning the entire planet. Earth’s surface consists of roughly 1,6 billion PIX – all of which are unique NFTs. This means irrevocable ownership can be attached and documented on the public distributed ledger Polygon. All PIX are unclaimed when the game launches.
As the game and story unfolds, the players aim and goal is to acquire as much land and ownership of these digital assets as possible: preferably close and/or in connection to one another to create coherent Territories. To achieve this the players need to strategize, trade, sell and buy PIX inside this futuristic yet topical metaverse.
Additionally, the game architecture will also evolve over time, with further depth in Play-to-Earn, DeFi and various other mechanics and features. We believe this will create a more immersive “true” gaming experience.
Planet IX is distinctly different from other digital worlds due to the fact that the game assets (PIX) can be bought exclusively through random pack drops. Additionally there are assets called Landmarks; these have an added historical/cultural/world heritage value. All PIX can be bought and sold for further development, giving the players great earning potential.
Planet IX players control their PIX. Each individual PIX is uniquely identified and assigned a Cartesian coordinate (a combination of GPS data including Longitude and Latitude). The underlying game mechanic is a good starting ground for a collaborative community, seizing the opportunities and game challenges that are presented. When working together, collectively and strategically, the true value of their PIX is unlocked. Planet IX simply enables new ways for people all over the world to interact, trade and collaborate.
Planet IX is designed so that the value of the PIX will evolve and potentially increase. The value is set by the users of the Marketplace through classic supply and demand, in combination with location and the future potential reward earnings of Territories. The game includes incentives for players to stay active and always be prepared for “challenges”. Planet IX is ever evolving.
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