Why Planet IX?
Empowering Users in their Gaming Experiences and Finances
We aim to empower players both in their gaming experience and in real-life rewards.
The development of social media giants such as Facebook has allowed hundreds of millions of people to gather, interact, share content and play games together. The networks led to the formation of vast online communities and gaming companies, but the platforms themselves are under the control of centralized entities. That means that the participants in these online communities don’t have true ownership over their virtual environments, nor over the digital assets within them.
The team behind Planet IX believes in a decentralized gaming experience, where the game creators don’t have the sole ownership. The true vision of Planet IX is to put players in control of their gaming experience. Users will be able to define PIX development and gaming flow, while also earning rewards with the proceeds from Planet IX Tokenomics. Planet IX community members can also add and earn greater value by developing PIX Territories or acquiring Landmarks.
The development on Planet IX began in 2020. At that time, integrating NFTs into gameplay wasn’t yielding much attention in the media, mostly due to the state of consumer knowledge. Since then, considerable advances in NFT infrastructure have paved the way for new and innovative projects within the field. For example, Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has officially stated that they are launching their own NFT marketplace.
With this growth in the digital asset industry, there’s now a large enough user base to fuel the growth of decentralized gaming communities like Planet IX. Blockchain infrastructure like Ethereum augmented with Layer 2 scaling solutions makes it possible to create new, highly efficient methods to process micropayments and transactions.
Cryptocurrencies as a global, instant and low-cost payment medium are still evolving. Polygon, one of the state channels of Ethereum, will serve this purpose for Planet IX.
There are more centralized solutions currently operational, but they require sacrifices in other areas, such as interoperability with other systems, privacy and standardization. Planet IX is built with a design philosophy that prioritizes low-cost, and direct payments between PIX collectors.
Community collaboration is key to building a more sustainable world – a world that can also be profitable. Just as in the real world, the value of PIX on Planet IX is affected by how owners choose to develop their land. The emerging possibilities of what can be created in the metaverse is one of the core drivers of interest in the game. Eventually, this development will culminate in earning potential utility rewards by gaining native Planet IX Tokens.
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