Game Seasons
The story of Planet IX is told with a seasonal approach. In each season a new collection of NFTs will be introduced, together with updated game mechanics. A season can potentially also contain additional mini-games and other “easter eggs”. These will all play a key role in the evolution of the game as it unravels new and essential pieces of the Planet IX story; pieces the players need to progress.
Each season also has its unique sustainability focus. Planet IX will partner with a broad range of projects, initiatives and NGOs to be able to make a real impact in as many fields as possible. By not limiting ourselves to one sustainability area, we believe that we maximize the impact and difference we and our Agents of Change can make; In-game but also physically on Earth.
The look of some core assets will vary from season to season. The evolution and progress needs to be visible and tangible to the players to keep momentum as well as motivation up. Planet IX speaks of change; therefore we need to change and evolve at all times to appeal to both newcomers as well as OG players that’ve been playing from the get-go.
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