Sustainability & Impact
Sustainability is at the core of Planet IX culture and mission. This means that the ambition to be a force for good and building the planet of tomorrow is integrated into every aspect of Planet IX. Our purpose is to drive the sustainability agenda and roll out our strategies for in-game mechanics as well making sure that we live as we learn through monitoring and compensating for the environmental impact of our respective teams throughout the world.
This effort is necessary but not sufficient in the face of the scale of the problem we are facing. And so we are therefore going much further; a dedicated foundation is in the process of being created, which we will call The Planet Nine Foundation. A substantial portion of the revenue from Planet IX’s will be directed into this foundation. The foundation will then allocate the resources towards the company’s mission to bring about a lasting positive change on our world. We are doing this because the team behind Planet IX are committed to making a lasting impact on the world. We are especially concerned about the large-scale environmental degradation that is currently taking place across our globe and we simply must be a part of the conversation and solution. More concretely the purpose of the foundation will be to create sustainable and large-scale positive impact on the environmental degradation of our planet. This will be achieved through impact investing as well as by partnering with ESG and sustainability focused initiatives, projects and companies.
The foundation will also work to provide a platform and a home for a narrative centered on scaling positive impact and enabling sustainability using Web3 technology. To achieve this we have identified five different categories of opportunities which we intend to support:
  • Local restoration and cleanup initiatives.
  • Venture projects within sustainability with chances of asymmetric ROI.
  • Established organizations with clear and measurable impact for every dollar invested.
  • Yield bearing and sustainable assets i.e solar farms.
  • Startups and established Web3 based projects making an impact in sustainability.
These categories represent our best attempt at including as many opportunities as possible while simultaneously aligning these philanthropic activities with our own core competencies: innovation, transparency and WEB3. We are very excited about this initiative and will keep our users as well as the public at large up to date on how this effort is developing.
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